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Keyword Monitor

Current Version: 1.0.3
Release Date
: 28 Feb 2011

Required Permissions:   
  •     android.permission.INTERNET    Needed/used to retrieve search engine data
The Keyword Monitor Android application allows Internet Marketers to monitor their keyword/domain pair search engine rankings from their mobile device. For marketers concerned with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this is an essential utility.

Features included in this release:
  • Sort list by keyword, domain, age of data, or Google result.
  • Records the position of your keyword/domain pair if it occurs within the top 20 Google search results.
  • Monitored keyword/domain pairs are limited only by your storage capacity.
  • Will use any available data connection.
  • Indication of data update activity.
  • Makes use OI File Manager to graphically browse for a CSV file to import. 
  • Choose country-specific Google search ( and at the moment. Please ask if you want more!)

Main Page with keyword/domain data
  Settings Page
Add A Keyword/Domain Pair or Import a CSV

Default display when no keyword/domain pairs exist.

v1.01 Planned Features:

  • Yahoo Search Results
  • Bing Search Results
  • Indicate Data Age
  • Refresh All Data Option